An African Mother’s tale (contd.)

Hello everyone. How have y’all been faring? I apologise for staying away this long. Life’s been going on πŸ™‚. Hoping I get more active on here. Let’s roll with the new month. πŸ€— So here’s a quick one. The continued story for “An African Mother’s tale.” If you’re new here, you might have to scroll […]

A Christmas love story

Jules was one man who even in his inflated sense was pretty much aware of how far he’d come with wealth. People said he was hands in glove with the Croesus, only them knew what they meant by that. Truth is, he had sweated his way up. His prosperity hadn’t come by a sudden fluke, […]

An African mother’s Tale

It was the early hours of the afternoon, usually when flies buzzed about in the sun and the verdant carpet grasses shone bright and beautiful, the slow and steady unfurling of ixora flowers into it’s full brilliant bloom, even the chirping and fluttering of a loft of white pigeons in the neighborhood could be heard […]

What happened at the house party? 🀯😱Find out!

Tomike had dressed and was fully prepared to accompany her Aunt to the city market that morning when someone knocked at the front door. Aunt Sally in an apron and woolen gloves had been too busy in the kitchen warming up the frozen food from plastic containers, the aroma of stew and chicken sauce clouded […]

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